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Brooklyn, New York - Saturday, March 9, 2002, 4:00 p.m.

New York Mahanam Sevak Sangha
(Followers of Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari
and Registered in the State of New York - EIN 11-344073)

Cordially invites you, your family and friends to
our "Gour-Purnima" Utsav to be held at
Bangladesh Hindu Mandir : 94-39 44th Avenue,
Elmhurst, New York 11373 (Tel# 718-446-6727)
On Saturday, March 30, 2002.


3:00 pm ............ Guru Bandana

......................... Chandrapat & Mahanam Kirtan

......................... HariKatha Paath/Bhajan/Bhaktigeet

4:00 pm ........... Srimod-Bhagabad Geeta Paath

......................... Bhajan / Kirtan

5:00 pm ........... Chaitanya-Charitamrita Paath & "Gour Katha"

6:00 pm ....... Padabali Kirtan : "Nemai - Sanyas"

......................... Bhajan / Kirtan

7:00 pm ....... Bhagabati Katha : "Prem-Lila and Gouranga Mahaprabhu"

......................... Bhajan / Kirtan

8:00 pm ... Alochana (Questions, Discussion, Opinion, Comments ... )

8:15 pm ... Aaroti & Kirtan

9:00 pm ........... Final Prasad Distribution (Prasad dist. starts at 4 PM)

Directions: Subway: #7 Train to Junction Blvd , Walk 3 blocks south along Junction Blvd., Turn right at 44th Ave before the over bridge.Driving: LIE: Exit Junction Blvd, Drive about 1 mile north along Junction Blvd, Turn left at 44th Ave. Grand Central Pkway: Exit Northern Blvd (west), Go ~1 mile along Northern Blvd (west), Turn Left (south) on Junction Blvd (~ 94 St.), Go ~1 mile, Turn right on 44th Ave.For more information:(718) 776-6976, (718) 275-7786, (516) 939-2736, (973) 275-0040, (718) 639-5844.

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Nityananda Trayodashi
[Niyananda Mahaprabhu's Birthday, Prabhusundar's transient appearance to devotees from self-confinement at Gambhira cottage while maintaining absolute silence and the entrance of Goloka Dham by Sripad Mahendraji on the same day]

A special occasion full-length Isto Gosthi was held at Syamal Banik's house by the members of New York Mahanam Sevak Sangha highlighting "Nityananda Trayodashi". Kirtans and discussions centered on "Nityananda Mahaprabhu". Amidst a grand program of kirtans, discussions, readings, etc. Prabir Banik sang a song written by Prabhusundar on Nityananda Mahaprabhu, Syamal Banik discussed in great details by his gifted eloquence the lila-life of Nityananda Mahaprabhu. Nitai Poddar played the 'khol' in his usual expertise. Rana Ghosh read out from the Bhagabat Gita while Syamal Banik read a part of Sri Bhagabatam written by Sri Mahanambrata Brahmachari. Members and their guests also contributed greatly toward the program by their joint participation in singing and playing cymbals. The other regular items of Aaroti, Bhog etc. were also the inseparabale part of the Isto Gosthi.

Brooklyn, New York - February 10, 2002, 9:15 a.m.

Details of
"SriMon Mahanambrata Janma Utsav"
(Birth Anniversary)
held on December 25, 2001
at Floral Park, New York 11004

11:00 a.m...... Guru Bandana was jointly performed by the members and guests as usual to initiate the program.

11:15 a.m...... Chandrapat/Mahanam Kirtan were also jointly participated as New York Mahanam Sevak Sangha's second ritual item.

12:00 p.m...... HariKatha Paath - Prabir Banik presented 'Gosthalila' in the form of a song in a rather unique way for the first time for New York Mahanam Sevak Sangha, as if in the midst of direct blessings of Prabhusundar, the writer of HariKatha.

12:25 p.m...... Topic: SriMon Mahanambrata in the eye of Thomas Merton - Mr. Rama Prasad Ghosh-Ray spoke of SriSri Gurudev's contribution in changing the life (in spiritual direction) of Tom Merton who became a famous catholic priest and wrote several eminent books. Tom Merton realized through Gurudev that one person, one race and one culture compliment and enrich the other. One is never complete without the other. This was all written by Tom Merton.

Mr. Ghosh-Ray also read out a poem written by SriSri Gurudev on USA on the eve of his departure from the United States, which summarized the strengths, youthfulness as well as the pitfalls of USA. The Mahanam Sangha members and guests had the valuable opportunity of listening to these two items from Mr. Ghosh-Ray.

12:50 p.m...... Prasad was distrbuted during the intermission.

1:00 p.m...... Dr. Satyendranath Mukhopadhyay read in his usual appealing and eloquent way the 18th Chapter of BhagabadGita from the book written by Gurudev himself and kept the audience spell-bound in a pervasive heavenly atmosphere.

1:30 p.m...... Nityananda (Netai) Poddar sang Guru-Geet and kirtan in his spontaneously charming , holy and melodious voice in the accompaniment of the 'khol' that he played in his instinctive skill. Prabir Banik performed bhajan in his gifted voice that seems to be blessed by his gurudev (SriSri Nabanibandhu Brahmachari - one of the most gifted kirtan singers of Mahanam Sampraday) and Prabhusundar himself.

In the seond part of this program, Syamal Banik presented Bhagabati Katha (episodes from holy books) - his topic of discussion was: "Tatwadarshi Mahanambrata, Samagrik Juga O Amara" (Mahanambrataji as a person of unparalleled spirituality, the comtemporary era and us, the the common people at large):

As the title signifies, the topic contained three distinct segments.

The first segment highlighted the ocean of spiritual accomplishment and learning attained by SriSri Mahanambrataji that is universally and perpetually revealed by his unfathomable religious knowledge and education thoughtout his life span. The number and diversity of the contents of the books written by him is an endless treasure and perennial asset to not only the vaishnavite literature but also to Hindu religion as a whole, including neo-Vaishnavism of modern era - all brought out the eternality of SriSri Mahanambrataji's spiritual contribution to Hindu religion, especially Vaishnavism.

The socond segment of the topic highlighted the opinions of the contemporary saints and hearlds of relegion and pioneer academicians who came in contact with SriSri Mahanambrataji during their lifetime, including -

  • Baba Sitaramdas Onkarnathji (Founder of Jogendra Monastery alias Lakshinarayan Temple at Sagardwip and who wrote the preface to SrimadBhagabat written by SriSri Mahanambrataji)

  • Anandamoyi Ma
  • Swami Swarupananada

  • Sibananda Giri

  • Swami Nityananda of Barasat Ramkrishna Mission

  • Dr. Dhyaneshnarayan Charaborty

  • Dr. Govinda Gopal Mukhopadhyay
The third segment included all the people who were connected with Mahanambrataji through his direct initiation, or anyother person knowing him by name or referral or by reading his book or by anyother means. In this segment Syamal Banik illustrated how all these people were benefited in their life spiritually by Mahanamabrataji.

3:00 p.m...... Bhaktigeetis were sung by Prabir Kundu, Netai Poddar and Nepal Kundu, the outstanding trio of kirtanias (kirtan singers and 'khol' and cymbal players) of New York Mahanam Sangha. The kirtan event of this triad is an event to enjoy by any bhakta or just someone happened to be in the program of New York Mahanam Sevak Sangha! Three cheers to the trio!

3:30 p.m...... Alochana (Q&A period), Aroti songs were led by Prabir Kundu and followed by Netai Poddar and Nepal Kundu.

5:00 p.m...... Bhog Prasad

New York Mahanam Sevak Sangha celebrated Rasa-Lila Festival in the month of November 2001 in cooperation with Gita-Sangha of Queens, New York []. This was the first Rasa-Lila celebration by New York Mahanam Sevak Sangha in which Syamal Banik participated on a talk encircling Rasa-Lila.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002, 7:15 p.m. (Brooklyn, New York time)

The monthly Isto Gosthi (get-together) and Kirtan Programs by the members of New York Mahanam Sevak Sangha were duly held during the months of October and November 2001. "SriMon Mahanambrata Janma Utsav" (Birth Anniversary) was also duly held on Tuesday, December 25, 2001 at 82-22 266th Street, Floral Park, New York 11004 in a grand manner in the accompaniment of an all-out participation of the members and guests in a similar schedule as in 2000. The details of this grand event will be posted in this section soon.

The Isto Gosthis (Get-togethers) and Kirtan Programs for the month of January 2002 are already scheduled on January 21 and 26, 2002 at Queens Village and Plainview, Long Island respectively.

Monday, September 24, 2001, 2:30 p.m. (Brooklyn, New York time)

An Isto Gosthi (get-together) was held by New York Mahanam Sevak Sangha at Syamal Banik’s house on Saturday, September 22, 2001 at 84-06 222nd Street in Queens Village, New York 11428 during the hours of 1-5 p.m. Chandrapat and other Kirtan songs, Bhagabat reading, and discussion about Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar were parts of this Isto Gosthi that was followed by a sumptuous early prasad dinner.

September 22, 2001 was 5th Aswin, 1408 in Bengali Calendar. Thus discussions about the Trayodash Dasha (a state of static-dynamic existence) entered by Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar prevailed more than other topics. Mr. Bikash Kumar Rudra, the President of Mahanam Sevak Sangha of India was present in the get-together and contributed to the discussion of various topics.

Our "Janmastami" Utsav held at Satya Narayan Mandir : 75-15 Woodside Ave, Elmhurst, New York 11373 on Saturday, August 25, 2001 was well attended and performed by the members of Mahanam Sevak Sangha and Gita Sangha ( In this program we had the esteemed privilege to have Geeta Sangha members participate with us in the celebration the Janmastami 2001 at the Satya Narayan Temple.

12:01 pm
Guru Bandana/Mahanam Kirtan - Mahanam Sevak Sangha members performed these two programs.
HariKatha Paath/ Bhajan/ Bhaktigeet -
Syamal Banik read out Harikatha, Prabir Banik sang Bhajan and Bhaktigeet.

1:00 pm
Srimod Bhagabat-Geeta Paath/Bhajan/Kirtan
– Dr. Satyendranath Mukherji read out the Geeta in his usual spontaneity and excellence. Bhajan/Kirtan program was performed by the members of Geeta Sangha of Queens, NY. It was for the first time that Geeta Sangha of New York performed in a Bhajan/Kirtan program of New York Mahanam Sevak Sangha. The songs were primarily Krishnageet (songs in love and praise for Krishna) significantly relevant to the celebration of Janmastami.

1:45 pm
Srimod Bhagabatam Paath/Bhajan/Kirtan
– Syamal Banik gave an introduction to Srimad Bhagabatam. Dr. Satyendranath Mukherji read out Sri Bhagabatam (10th Canto, 3rd Chapter - Birth of Sri Krishna) in his characteristically unique way Bhagabat reading that kept the audience spellbound in admiration. He completed reading 53 slokas in about half an hour. At the end of his reading, Dr. Satyendranath Mukherji read out for the next 15 minutes the "Felalob" (written by Gurudev SriSri Mahanambrataji in Bengali as a sequel to his explanation of Sri Bhagabatam verse by verse). He explained that this "Felalob" was just a microscopic remnant of SriKrishna's prasadam distributed by SriChaitanya to his devotees of Gourlila. Ganesh Roy from Calcutta sang ‘Baul’ songs, while Srimati Lakshmi Sarkar of New York Mahanam Sevak Sangha performed "Padavali Kirtan (Nani chor)" in her usual perfection. Prabir Banik was instrumental once again in singing krishnageet in reference to the "Bhajan" item in this time slot.

3:00 pm
Krishna Katha/Bhajan/ Kirtan
– Syamal Banik presented "Chourjyalila" (Lilas of Krishna involving his art of theft in his boyhood) as a part of his Krishna Katha (tales about Krishna). The contents of his presentation were:

  • Nayanmanash chor – the art of theft by his unusually pleasing appearance
  • Putana Mokshana Lila (theft of the demoniacal delusion of a female demon named "Putana" and her salvation by Krishna as a child)
  • "Nani chor" (theft of milk and butter) and "Dhambandhan Lila" (Krishna's childhood lila of tying himself up with the cord in response to his mother's intended loving punishment of stealing butter and milk)
  • Prema-Bhakti of Srimati Radharani (the stealing of SriRadha’s heart for her love and devotion towards him! This 'prema' or love was to be distributed to the common people and devotees in the form of Sri Chaitanya!)

4:00 pm
Bhajan/ Kirtan
– This part of Bhajan/Kirtan was participated by both Mahanam Sevak Sangha and Geeta Sangha members and highlighted primarily the songs of love and devotion for Krishna as the last event of Janmastami celebration before the concluding event of Aaroti and Kirtan, followed by a short session of questions and discussion.

4:30 pm …….... Alochana (Questions, Discussion, Opinion, Comments ... )
4:45 pm ........... Aaroti
5:00 pm ........... Prasad Distribution

Monday, July 16, 2001-- New York time 12:00 p.m.

New York Mahanam Sevak Sangha
(Followers of Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari
and Registered in the State of New York - EIN 11-344073)

Cordially invites you, your family and friends to
our "Janmastami" Utsav to be held at
Satya Narayan Mandir : 75-15 Woodside Ave,
Elmhurst, New York 11373 (Tel# 718-899-8863)
On Saturday, August 25, 2001.


12:01 pm ........... Guru Bandana

.......................... Mahanam Kirtan

.......................... HariKatha Paath/ Bhajan/ Bhaktigeet

1:00 pm ............ Geeta Paath

2:00 pm ........ Krishna Katha I

......................... Bhajan/ Kirtan

3:00 pm ........ Krishna Katha II

......................... Bhajan/ Kirtan

4:00 pm .... Alochana (Questions, Discussion, Opinion, Comments ... )

4:15 pm .... Aaroti

4:30 pm ........... Prasad Distribution

Directions: "Satya Narayan Mandir" is near the crossing of 75th Street and Woodside Ave. It is just 5 minutes' walking distance (few minutes driving) from the Indian market at Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave (Subway Trains: E, F, G, R, 7).

For more information, please call: (718) 776-6976, (718) 275-7786, (516) 939-2736, (718) 347-8178.

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*** We welcome NEW MEMBERS. Please contact at above tel. numbers.

A brief review of Guru-Purnima Celebration
on July 15, 2001 at 24 Lillian Place
Plainview (Long Island) New York

"Guru-Purnima" Utsav of July 15, 2001, held at 24 Lillian Lane, Plainview (Long Island), New York was another grand Kirtan, Oral Presentation and Discussion Program by the New York Mahanam Sevak Sangha that centered on late Dr. Mahanambrata Brahmachari, Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Krishna. The program attained an all-round momentum with the characteristics of the universal and perpetual Harinam Kirtan festivity, typically the life-blood of Mahanam Sevak Sangha as inherited from Mahanam Sampraday of India. An epitome of the confluence of Kirtan of Braja Lila, Gour Lila and Mahaudhdharan Lila was, as if, transiently recreated by the participants of the New York Mahanam Sevak Sangha at 24 Lillian Place.

Chandrapat and Mahanam Kirtan initiated the program with the all-out participation by the members and devotees in the time-honored fashion.

Bhajan/Bhaktigeet by Supriti Banik, Lakshmi Sarkar, Nepal Kundu, Prabir Banik and Nityananda (Netai) Poddar in accompaniment of the other participants of the New York Mahanam Sevak Sangha, as if, brought in a slice of the Kirtan Utsav that has been perpetually prevailing in SriDhams of Mathura-Vrindaban, Puri, Nabadwip, Faridpur, Dhaka, Dahapara or wherever Sri Krishna, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Prabhu Jagadbandhusundar are worshipped.

Syamal Banik (Topic: Guru Parampara and Duties of Disciples) and Prabir Banik (Topic: Guru and Krishna) revitalized the programs of Guru Katha by their spontaneous and immanent devotion, eloquence, authenticity and innate passion. Syamal Banik read out and explained a chapter of Harikatha and Rana Ghosh performed the reading of a chapter of Geeta as an inseparable part of the program.

The Mahanam Sevak Sangha of New York had the momentous gratification to have the All-India President of Mahanam Sevak Sangha, Mr. Bikash Kumar Rudra and his wife present in the program. Mr. Rudra very lively narrated some of his most coveted reminiscences about late Sri Mahanambrata Brahmachari and spontaneously highlighted the most unique and gifted qualities that had blessed the desciples and other fortunate companions of Sri Mahanambrataji. The narratives of his reminiscences, as if, created a spell of enchantment amongst the listeners.

The children's dance-arati program was a sight to see and enjoy and feel enlightened with spontaneous devotion. Devotional song and music by the director and dance and arati by the children all combined, as if, in one unified existence formed an ethereal and melodious arati program that depicted the beauty of Mahaudhdharan Lila! The director of this program was Dr. Mala Nandi and the participants were Megha Majumder, Rohini Rudra and others.

The final item of Arati and Kirtan was as spectacular as it was devotion-inspiring to the entire congregation!


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